Tournoi des nations


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To register for the tournament you have to post your server and class on the thread on the official Dofus forums. The required level to register is level 200. You can cancel your registration as long as the registrations are still open, but you cannot change your class or server.

We only accept one registration per account and per player.

During the first registration day on November the 22th at 20:00, only those who have are listed on the ranking of the nations can register and maximum half of the 4 spot can be given that way. That ranking is based on the performance of the tournament over the years.

For the second period of registration from the 23th November at 21:00 to 26th November 23:59, the first two registered candidates per class per server are selected for the next phase. Those 4 registered candidates per server and per class will then participate to fight test.

Fight test

Candidates are divided in four categories, and are given a number from 1 to 4. The categories are :

  1. Xelor, Osamodas, Eniripsa, Sacrier
  2. Pandawa, Enutrof, Masqueraider, Feca
  3. Ouginak, Sram, Ecaflip, Iop, Rogue
  4. Cra, Sadida, Foggernaut, Huppermage, Eliotrope

A round of fights will take place as follows :

  • A class of categories 3 and 4 is banned for the round.
  • Four teams will be formed by the four remaining classes. Every team will consist of a class from every category, and it won’t be allowed to have the same class in more than one team.
  • Two fights will be generated for these teams.
  • A tournament map will be chosen for the round.
  • Four players are randomly put together in one the four chosen compositions and they face a second random team.

When a team wins a fight, all the players playing for that team gain 3 points. When a team loses, none of the players playing for that team gain any points. After playing all the rounds, the first player with the most points will be declared as the main player for his class, and the second will be substitute.

The rounds will take place on the following days :

  1. Thursday 30/11
  2. Sunday 03/12
  3. Tuesday 05/12
  4. Thursday 07/12
  5. Sunday 10/12
  6. Tuesday 12/12
  7. Thursday 14/12
  8. Sunday 17/12
  9. Tuesday 19/12
  10. Thursday 21/12

Management of unavailability:

Of the 4 players qualified for the ‘Fight Test’, only 2 will remain. In order for everyone to fairly prove their value, this means in practice that a player plays half of the rounds. In order to ensure that the course of the event is not impeded, a server with one or fewer candidates in a class will not be allowed to participate. The process is as follows:

  • In each round, 2 of the 4 players are declared "fighters", and the other two will be put on the waiting list.
  • When matches are played, and after 15 minutes one of the players did not show up, the team of 3 other players can choose one of the two players on the waiting list, and start the fight. The player on the waiting list will win points in case of victory, and does not win any in case of defeat or if he and the other player on the waiting list are unavailable.
  • The replaced player will get a loss, and the system will evenly distribute "fighters" and players that are on the waiting list for the next rounds, so that everyone can play the same amount of matches.
  • In the event that a player plays more games than one of his competitors, this match would not be counted in the final rankings.

At the end of all rounds played, the player with the most points in his class is declared main player, and the next player is the substitute. In the event of absence of a main player, the substitute will have to take his place in the fight to avoid a forfeit for his team. Note that players in categories 3 and 4 play less games since their classes are sometimes banned.

The qualification fights will start at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on your server.

When it’s impossible to start the fight, because too many players are absent and are not replaceable, the fight will not be fought. All players that were absent will get penalized for being absent. The players that were not absent however, will receive points based on their final winning percentage. For example, when a player won 50% of all his matches, he will receive 3x50% = 1.5 points for this match.

To make it easier for players to see their ranking the match results will be dynamic: if you have a match that’s not played in round 5 for example when you have a 50% win rate, you will get 1.5 points. When your win rate changes to 60% in round 6, the amount of points you would get from the non-played match in round 5 would change to 3x60% = 1.8 points.

In the case where a server would only have 1 participant for a class, the number of qualifying rounds would be divided by two.

Matched matches and intentional defeats to favour a candidate are prohibited. Multi-logging is forbidden. Sanctions will be applied in case of cheating.

At the end of the combat phase, the player with the highest percentage of victory on his server is by default declared captain. This can be changed if at least 10 out of the 18 main players want a change.

The tournament


  • The whole tournament is held on the beta server, with all exchanges and possibilities to mage blocked.
  • One server has 18 representatives: 1 representative for each class
  • A server that does not have all its representatives, 18 main players and 18 substitutes, cannot join the competition.
  • An incomplete team is not allowed to fight. It will be considered a defeat.
  • Before each round, the captain of the server chooses to ban two classes, which must be different from each previously banned class. With the remaining classes, the server representatives are divided into 4 teams of 4 characters.
  • An NPC allows participants to reset their stats for free at the battle location.
  • All temporary bonuses (candies and more) are automatically removed from the characters as they enter the tournament arena.
  • Each participant can access a stable on the tournament server in which Dragoturkeys and Seemyools of each type of level 100 are placed beforehand.
  • When a player abandons a fight, his team is automatically declared the loser.
  • The tournament is international. Therefore, each participant is allowed to speak in his or her original language. The essential information (start of the match, end of the match) is communicated in French and English on the server of the tournament.
  • The main player has a priority over his substitute in forming groups to play the fights. However, if the team believes the substitute is more able to help them win a fight, they may choose to play with him even if the main player is present and available. The first complete and valid team to present to the referee will play the fight.

The referees

Throughout the tournament, referees are responsible for supervising the battles.

In the event of any disagreement between any two teams, it is up to the referee to make the final decision. All teams must respect the referees and their decisions.

Constitution of the teams

Before each round, the team captain chooses to ban two classes from his team, which must be different from each previously banned class. With the remaining classes, the representatives of each server are divided into 4 teams of 4 characters. The sub-teams will then be ranked from highest to lowest according to a scale disclosed before the tournament begins.

In case of disagreement among the 18 players about the formation of the sub-teams, the sub-teams are fixed by the organization via a draw.

The teams' compositions will be revealed for all servers at the same time before the match.

The selection phase

The teams compete at the Nations Tournament according to a championship system that lasts 5 rounds. Two groups of 6 servers will be randomly drawn. The schedule of the selection phase will be announced before the start of the tournament.

Calendar :

The qualification fights will take place between 03 and 21 January.

  1. Wednesday 03/01
  2. Sunday 07/01
  3. Wednesday 10/01
  4. Sunday 14/01
  5. Wednesday 17/01

The starting times of the fights are spread over 4 hours (Paris time):

  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 8:15 p.m.
  • 9:00 p.m.
  • 9:45 p.m.

Qualification Criteria:

The top 4 servers in each group qualify for the finals.

In case of a tie (2 teams with the same amount of points), the tied server that beat the other tied server qualifies. In case of a tie (3 teams with the same amount of points), the server that won most games qualifies.

The finals

The remaining 8 teams will compete in a knockout tournament from the quarterfinals to the final. The pairing of the quarters is as follows: the first of group A faces the 4th of group B, the second of group A faces the 3rd of group B and vice versa.

Unlike the qualifying stages, a draw is no longer allowed. At this point, if both teams win 2 fights each, a 5th match must be played.

Tie Breaks:

The teams that tied both choose a captain, who will draft, with the captain of the opposing team, the team composition that will fight the fight. When a team selects a class, it can no longer be selected by the opposing team. At the beginning and middle of the selection, the captains have the possibility to ban classes, which cannot be selected by either team for the fight. The map of the fight is identical to that of the previous matches.

The draft goes as follows:

  1. Server B ban a class.
  2. Server A ban a class.
  3. Server A ban a class.
  4. Server B ban a class.
  5. Server A selects a class.
  6. Server B selects a class.
  7. Server B selects a class.
  8. Server A selects a class.
  9. Server B ban a class.
  10. Server A ban a class.
  11. Server B selects a class.
  12. Server A selects a class.
  13. Server A selects a class.
  14. Server B selects a class.

The losing team is eliminated (with the exception of the losers in the semifinals, who then compete for the 3rd place in the tournament).

Calendar :

The final fights will take place between 24/01 and 04/02 between 19:30 and 23:30 * (Paris time). The detailed schedule for each phase will be published at the end of the previous phase.

From 24/01 to 04/02: Finals

  • Wednesday 24/01: Quarter finals
  • Sunday 28/01: Semi-finals
  • Saturday 03/02: Little finale (3rd place)
  • Sunday 04/02: Grand finale
  • The little finale and grand finale matches are likely to start before 19:30.

Forfeit :

Teams that do not show up on time or whose members are not all present for their fight are considered forfeited.

The absent team is considered as losing. The present team is declared winner by forfeit. In the absence of both teams, both are declared losers by forfeit.

If a member of the team is absent, his substitute must play in his place. If both are absent and the team is incomplete, they are automatically declared losers.

Teams have 10 minutes from the announced start time to show up before being declared losers by forfeit.

The rewards

The 36 players of the best server:

All the participants (Main players and substitutes) of each team of the winning server receive an exclusive title, and an item of the Battler set.

The 36 players of the 2nd server:

All participants (Main players and substitutes) from each team on the second server receive a Gerbean (pet).

Other rewards can be appended in the future.

Rules and sanctions

The rules

  • All participants, commentators and organizers should respect other participants, commentators and organizers, as well as to the rest of humanity; all insults or provocations will be punished.
  • All participants must regularly check the schedule of the rounds, and be present and ready to start their fights in a timely manner.
  • An incomplete team is not allowed to fight.
  • A fight is never restarted even when disconnected. Only exceptional circumstances such as a major bug can make the organizers decide to restart the match.
  • Multi-logging is prohibited. Several players are allowed to participate from one place and therefore share the same IP, but they must play on different computers and tell the organizers about this.
  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel a contestant's participation in the ‘Fight test’ if he or she intentionally interferes with the tournament.


Except in the case of insult or provocation, all sanctions are applied to an entire team, even if the offenses are committed by a single participant. The organizers are entitled to apply any sanction ranging from warning someone to disqualification depending on the problem encountered.


Participants are responsible for the security and stability of their internet connection. Any defeat related to a connection problem or external attacks cannot justify a relaunch of fight (see "Rules and sanctions") and the organizers cannot be held responsible for this.

We strongly discourage the use of client-to-client direct voice communication software that allows malicious people to easily retrieve your IP address. We suggest software that passes through a server (TeamSpeak, Mumble, Discord).